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MFC (Multi-Flow Condensers)

Power savings are achieved with Sanden's multi-flow condenser because of its parallel-structured refrigerant circuit and ultra-thin configuration, as well as improvements in its general performance. This new technology will prove to be indispensable in automotive air conditioning systems of the future



MFC (Multi-Flow Condensers)
Model No.: MFC-1054AE

MFC are not only high performance and light weight, but also the 16mm thick design equals to the 44mm serpentine condenser efficiencies.



  • Sanden's 16mm thick MFC weighs approximately 50% less than 44mm serpentine model

  • Sanden's MFC are suitable for either R12 or R134a refrigerants

  • Sanden's MFC design minimizes air pressure drop and radiator heat load

  • Sanden's MFC can save up to 10% refrigerant usage in a system

  • Sanden's MFC fitting channels are universally applicable

  • s are universally applicable



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